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Diamond Wire Saw Machine SJ-37A SJ-45A SJ-55A SJ-75A

Structure Characteristics:

  1. Being controlled by two sets of inverters, and applying constant tension control principle, the moving speed of the machine can be adjusted automatically according to the changes of the cutting force to make sure the diamond wire saw be in the best cutting condition all the time.
  2. The machine is without phase request. It doesn’t need to change or distinguish the power phase. The machine has the following functions: wire broken protection; over-loading protection; open-phase protection; terminal limit, and so on.
  3. The lateral moving and the rotation angle of the cutting head are controlled and driven by the electric motor. There is photoelectric proximity switch installed on the cutting head for position limitation protection .This function enables the machine to work normally under harsh circumstance with moisture and dust.
  4. The real-time parameters are displayed on the control platform, such as the setting current of the main motor, the current and the rotation speed of the main motor, etc. It makes the operation and adjustment of the machine more convenient.
  5. The machine can be operated manually and automatically. The manual and automatic functions can be shifted from each other. Under the automatic function, the machine can be unattended operated, and one worker is able to operate multiple machines.

Technical Date:

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