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Double-blade Mining Machine (Standard) YZK-1360/1900 YZK-1500/2000 YZK-1950/2450 YZK-2600/3100

Structure Characteristics:

  1. It has a compact structure, with mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical system integrated, high degree of automation, simple operation and easy-to-use feature.
  2. The cylindrical guide rail is fully sealed to ensure that the guide rail id pollution-free and machine has an original lubrication system, so the service life and utilization ratio are effectively increased and maintenance times and costs are reduced. It is a mine quarrying machine with significantly increased comprehensive benefits.
  3. Unique cylindrical guide, hydraulic elevator design and super wide chassis, so the structure is more stable and longer service life.
  4. Equipped with supergiant saw blades, it can be used for the processing of ultra-large rocks and blocks to improve outturn percentage of the mine and make full use of the mineral resource.
  5. Disc saw blades cutting is more secure, environmental, lower cost and more efficient than traditional blasting mining method.

Technical Date:

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