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Powerful and disadvantageous factors for the future impact of the stone industry

The favourable and unfavourable factors affecting the development of the industry

1, the favorable factors

(1) the sound development of national macroeconomic promote industry development

In recent years, the rapid growth of the national economy, the economy expanded. The rapid development of macroeconomic promote industrialization and city development, infrastructure and building decoration, building ceramics, stone, concrete construction industry will usher in a period of great development; on the other hand the country to actively promote the transformation of the mode of economic growth, increase the industrial structure adjustment efforts, field of household appliances, automobile manufacturing, new energy, electronic information, aviation aerospace precision machining will be high-speed growth. This will provide a broad development space for the development of superhard materials industry.

The main conditions and characteristics of economic operation in 2011: the steady development of national economy, three big demand in driving economic growth in a normal level, the role of domestic demand has increased. The relationship between economic growth speed and quality, structure and benefit to improve the economic and social development, to coordinate, to consolidate and expand the achievements of coping with the international financial crisis. Through the implementation of a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy, continue to strengthen and improve macro-control, in 2011 to achieve a "good start for economic and social development in the Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the annual GDP growth of 9.2%. Points out that the national twelfth five year plan, major targets for economic and social development is: five years of steady and rapid economic development, the average annual GDP growth of 7%. This means that, from a long-term perspective, the basic dynamic pattern of China's economic growth has not changed. Therefore, the macro policy perspective, the next 5 years the steady and rapid economic development, enterprise development is still a good external economic environment. In order to prevent the real estate bubble and financial bubbles, partial inhibition of city high prices, curb investment demand for real estate, the central government introduced a series of real estate regulatory policy. Premier Wen pointed out not to move or retreat to the real estate market regulation and control policies are implemented, governments at all levels should hundred-percent will be the central regulation of real estate policies. One must not to move or retreat to curb unreasonable demand, continue to strictly implement the differential housing credit, tax policy and property purchase restrictions measures, at the same time to the targeted inhibition of two or three line city house prices rose too fast, promote the prices reasonable regression. Two should be appropriate to increase the supply of land for real estate, promote the current and future periods the effective supply of housing, focus on affordable housing and ordinary commercial housing construction. From the current national regulation of real estate policy perspective, the short-term real estate turnover has been reduced, may affect the building ceramics consumption; but on the other hand, the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" put forward 5 years to build 36000000 sets of affordable housing total goal, to the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the national urban affordable housing coverage area will at about 20%. In 2012, Premier Wen Jiabao's "government work report" pointed out that "continue to promote the protection of housing construction, under the premise of ensuring the quality, basically completed 5000000 sets, 7000000 sets of new start over". The construction of affordable housing has led to the building ceramics demand, will drive the development of ceramic processing tool, provides a huge market space for the issuer, the issuer to ensure stable growth performance. We should accelerate the construction of new rural construction and urbanization, further strengthen trade and other infrastructure construction, also will become the ceramic, stone and other related industry development security.

(2) the national industrial policy support

The annual development plan "of China's stone industry during the 12th Five Year Plan" growth rate is 20%. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period of China's stone industry will also vigorously promote the use of circular saw blade, diamond wire saw, chain saw, arm mechanized stone mining new technology. Growth of diamond wire saw, diamond saw and demand. The national "Twelfth Five Year Plan" in the "energy saving and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles" seven industry as the transformation of economic development new phase focused on the development of strategic emerging industries. Super hard materials and products are included in the new materials industry item, countries in the industrial policy to the superhard materials and products industry.

(3) the international industrial transfer opportunities

Development of superhard materials products industry throughout, products with the technology, the maturity of the market, the absolute performance difference is more and more small, the cost of production factors began to highlight, superhard materials products industry to a factor of production has shifted the comparative advantage of countries and regions of the more obvious. The current global superhard materials products one of the major producing countries of South Korea, the superhard materials products industry is in the 70's of the last century in Europe and Japan to undertake the transfer of industry development. The superhard material products industry base and the industrial chain of continuous improvement, constantly improve the technological capabilities, the competitiveness of products made of superhard materials in China increased rapidly, has become the world to undertake superhard materials products industries gathered, Saint Gobain, taililai, Fu Shihua, two, and other famous enterprises have set up factories Shinhan investment in our country, through exchange, technical level of domestic enterprises has been improved, with the international advanced level in the gap is gradually narrowing.

2, unfavorable factors

(1) raw material price fluctuations

The main raw materials of super hard material products for diamond, pre alloyed powder, copper powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, tin, iron, steel, resin powder, silver solder pieces, silicon carbide, magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and other materials, raw materials accounted for a larger proportion of product cost, raw material price fluctuations have a greater impact on the product profitability. Price of diamond, metal powder and steel and other raw materials is mainly affected by the market, some raw materials fluctuations, if raw material upward fluctuation will of the industry's profit margins have a certain negative impact.

(2) the technology gap with the international advanced level

Although after twenty years of unremitting efforts, China's enterprises in the part of the product and part of the field has been close to or reached the international advanced level, but the overall ability of scientific research and research results, there are still technical gap with the international advanced level, hindered the development of China's new and high technology of super hard material products. For example, the domestic CBN tool for processing automobile cylinder, high precision parts in terms of quality stability and precision still can not fully meet the requirements of customers.

(3) the continued appreciation of the renminbi

RMB against the US dollar since the exchange rate system reform since 2005 shows the continued appreciation of the situation, the Chinese enterprises in dollar export business caused some negative effects.