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Reviewing the development history of stone machinery

A long history of stone processing, since the human activity on the earth, there are stone processing, so that the archaeologists to ancient human life time is divided into the old stone age and the new stone age. In the 2500000 year old stone age, the stone is the main tool of human labor. 8000 years ago, humans began to grind stone axes, stone adzes, stone cutting and stone shovels, stone hammers, stone, the stone cut system of grinding disc and the system as the main tool. Later, with the advent of metal tools, human gradually mastered the method of mining and processing all kinds of stone.

Stone processing wool board initially by tilting sand saw, sawing machine frame adopts a rope hanging, feed system is completed by gravity counterweight. Saw blade tensioning mechanism by wedge tension. Abrasive mainly by river sand, artificial sand and water completed by. The saw cutting plate size small, uneven thickness, the surface roughness of great. The processing technology is relatively simple, the product of a single, large labor intensity, poor quality.

Before the industrial revolution, all of stone mining and processing is done by hand. Until nineteenth Century, Europe before the emergence of the first station for stone processing machinery, which brings about a revolution in stone processing industry. After the stone mechanical invention, stone processing to extricate from the arduous physical labor. Since then, stone processing starting from manual operation to mechanical development. With the development of stone processing equipment and processing tools, the diamond frame sawing machine, used for wool board processing of raw marble. The feed mechanism and the tensioning structure by hydraulic, also saw the translation type. Granite framework sand saw using synchronous screw feeding structure, sand systems using automatic mixing sand blasting and spray system, the machining efficiency and quality greatly improved.

Stone processing equipment with the emergence of new technology and development, and its processing technology have also been improved. Stone processing development from the plate to the profile, appeared circular plate cutting machine, circular plate mill, stone line cutting machine, CNC engraving machine such as a series of special-shaped stone processing equipment. Stone processing equipment also with the development of science and technology continue to improve and update, from development to PLC control and NC simple electrical control. Processing method of processing, from the mechanical processing to the high pressure abrasive water laser processing, flame processing, sandblasting processing direction. Auxiliary equipment from a single machine to NC and intelligent direction.

The middle of the twentieth Century, stone machinery production processing equipment has been developed rapidly in European countries of Germany, France, Spain, promoting technological progress of stone processing machinery. Nineteen eighties later, with cheap quality advantages, Italy has become the developed countries of the world stone machinery manufacturing industry. After that, Japan, China Taiwan, China, but also the birth of many excellent stone equipment enterprises.

Since 1980, China stone machinery manufacturing industry has been the introduction of learning from the advanced countries, has initially formed a complete stone processing machinery manufacturing system, the manufacturing technology level and international advanced level in the gap is rapidly shrinking, China is gradually becoming the stone machinery manufacturing power. Fujian province Nanan City Shuinan Machinery Co., Ltd., adjacent to Xiamen airport, Xiamen port, Jinjiang airport, the traffic is very convenient. Water company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of all kinds of stone processing machinery and equipment. Company covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, has a group of professional stone machinery and technical personnel. As mining machinery and equipment manufacturers experienced, Shuinan stone machinery company is committed to the best stone machinery equipment manufacturers and suppliers, mining industry service mining, mining machinery and equipment the first brand to create. The main products are double knife, knife cutting machine, automatic cutting machine, infrared multi plate cutting machine, Longmen trimming machine, milling machine and other stone machinery. Shuinan stone machinery products is provided with a constant temperature purification of precision spindle machining, assembly center product key parts are imported, the product has passed the national quality and environmental management system certification, and stone machinery industry standard certification. In the course of many years of development practice, Shui Nan people constantly adjust their pace, while the introduction of advanced production technology and testing technology, and strive with the international standards, have repeatedly carried out technical exchanges with many countries and expand cooperation in the project. To provide customers with first-class products and services is our consistent aim of Shui Nan man.